We’re so excited for this one!
Sign-up is officially open!!

Are you a band that plays rock, alternative, punk, metal, jazz or reggae, Ska, Hip-hop or any other alternative genre ?

Do you want to win Afl. 5000 CASH?
And other prizes?!

Send us a demo!
For questions DM us on our socials or email us 

Battle of the Bands Rules/Regulations

Bands must submit a VIDEO (phone is sufficient!) recording of:


- 2 COVER SONGS Bands must also submit a logo/visual to Cas di Cultura by email: EARLY BIRD ENTRY DEADLINE

1 MAY 2024 - Submit by this date and qualify for the following prizes:

FREE rehearsal space/time! Exclusive one-on-one lighting meeting for your stage performance! FINAL ENTRY DEADLINE 26 AUGUST 2024 Bands MUST be available for the mandatory soundcheck/run throughs prior to the main event.

Each band member under the age of 18 must have a parent signature on the entry form to participate. Band members must supply any musical instruments other than the drum set that will be provided (drummers can bring their own hardware/cymbals).

A sound system will be provided, as well as a full technical crew. Band members are responsible for the security of their equipment and the event organizers cannot be held liable for any lost, damaged, or stolen equipment.

BoTB 2024 1 Cas di Cultura Bands are allotted 20 minutes TOTAL for:
setup, performance, and teardown
• Performance: 3 songs within 15 minutes. Each band’s set must fill approximately 15 minutes but must not exceed 20 minutes TOTAL on stage.
• For every minute exceeding the 20 minute limit, the band will be penalized 5 points from their total score.

1) All competing bands are strongly encouraged to partake in ticket sales promotion for the advantage of crowd applause, which will be one of the criteria for which judging is based.
The more friends and family you have in the crowd, the louder the applause will be for your band!

2) Any distasteful behaviour, and or damage to Cas di Cutltura will result in the automatic disqualification at the hands of management and judges.

3) There is no registration charge for any band or performer.

4) Each competing band receives THREE complementary tickets in order to gain awareness and build their fan-base for the show. All other tickets will be priced at 5 AFL for PRELIMINARY ROUNDS (2 rounds), and 15 AFL for the MAIN EVENT.

5) Judging is done on a points scale by 4 judges. The criteria will be posted on our social media pages.

6) To ensure fairness and equality; There will be no effects provided by Cas di Cultura, whether sound or visual. All performers will use the same stage with the same lighting state, other than there band that wins the EARLY BIRD entry prize.